Many thanks go out to the following folks
who have helped make this tree house possible!

Patrick Scott: For use of the scaffolding, tools, and his help in construction.

Ruthann and Dan: For the block and tackle, rope, and nails.

Gerry Scott: For the donation of wood he had left over from building his deck

Doreen and Tim Garland: For the wood donated from the destruction of their garage and scraps of wood left over from building their new house! And for the windows from Aunt Dots old house.

Hoadley Brothers Tree Service: For their quick response and expertise in trimming the dead branches from the tree.

Glenn and Maggie Fernandes: For the wood donated from the renovation of their deck.

Uncle Rick: For the wood donated from left overs from his construction jobs. For his time, knowledge, and hard work in building the roof!

Carl Daly: For helping with clearing the debris around the tree, and carrying stuff up to the tree house

Hannah Daly: For getting us lunch and carrying stuff up to the tree house.

Denise Daly: For her continued support

Dana Guthrie: For making the tree house happen.