Tree House Statistics

Span between trees is approx. 8 feet
Diameter of big tree approx 4 feet
Diameter of little tree approx 1 foot

Whole floor area: 10' X 19'
Height from ground to floor on low side: approx 6.5 feet
Height from ground to floor on high side: Approx 12 feet

Support beams are 2x8's with 2x6 angle braces
Support beams connected to tree with lag bolts
Floor Joists are 2x6's
Floor inside is recycled deck boards.
Floor for deck are new, seasoned deck boards.

Wall studs are 5 1/2 feet
First wall with door has oak planks as siding
Second wall has 2 windows and has tung and groove siding
last two wall have 2 windows each and has pine board siding

Roof rafters are made of 2x6 boards
Gable ends have pine siding
Roof has OSB roof sheeting, tar paper, drip edge and the shingles found at the barn

Four of the Windows are from Doreen and Tim's old house
Two of the windows are from Dana's neighbors house
One window will be custom made
Door is dutch door and is made of pine board