1/2008 (Rosey and Dana)
In January we walked around Rosey's parents property looking for a suitable tree. We found a rather unique tree right in the middle of Roseys back yard, almost at the top of the hill. (see pictures)

2/2008 (Rosey and Dana)
Sometime in February we sat down and went through the tree house book and made some drawing of what we thought was possible to build with in the limits of the tree.

3/9/2008 (Rosey and Dana)
Today we made a clay sculpture of the tree to help us visualize the design. (see pictures) We decided that there would be steps going up to the deck to get into the treehouse instead of a trap door.

4/20/2008 (Rosey and Dana)
Went up to the tree and did some measuring today to figure out what length boards we will need to start building the floor foundation. Went to Home Depot and looked at what wood was available and bought some lag bolts and brackets.

4/24/2008 (Rosey and Dana)
Harvey Lerman of Bartlett Tree Experts was at Dana's house to day evaluating her trees and he was kind enough to also come over to Rosey's house to evalutate the tree we plan to build the tree house in. He told us that our tree was an Ash tree and that he thought it was going to be something of a challenge. He Also made suggestions for how to attach our tree house to the tree and advised us about an insect (Emerald something or other) that has destroyed Ash trees in the western part of Pennsylvania. We will need to do some research on this bug and think about whether or not we want to risk building our tree house in this Ash tree. Thank you Harvey for your time and advice, We realy appreciate it!.

5/1/2008 (Rosey and Dana)
Rose decided that the Ash tree was too much of a risk with the Emerald ash tree bore bug, so we walked around the woods again and chose a different tree. The new tree (we think) is a maple, and it is about 4 feet in diameter. It has a few smaller trees near by and we are thinking of spanning the tree house between the two trees. (See pictures)

5/4/2008 (Rosey and Dana)
Rosey spent the better part of the day helping Aunt Doreen and Uncle Tim tear down the garage to make room for their new house and garage. Tim was very careful to perserve as much of the wood from the garage to be 'recycled' into Rosey's tree house. Dana came by with the Truck and helped to load all the wood, then Dana, Rosey and Doreen unloaded it back at Rosey's house. Rosey now has a big project to start removing nails from the wood. Rose and Dana sat down with paper and pencil and designed the new tree house.

May 2008 (Rosey and Her Dad (Carl))
Rosey and her Dad worked on pulling out the nails from all the 2x6's on various evenings thru out the month of May.

May 25, 2008 (Rosey and Dana)
Rosey discovered that the new tree we picked is a Tulip Poplar. Today we put up two 2x4's between the two trees, and leveled them the best we could. These will be used as guides as we put up the support beams.

July 11, 2008 (Rosey and Dana)
Today we went shopping for the 2x8's which will be used for the bottom supports and we also got some lag screws and washers. We took the scaffolding up to the tree house and set it up. Then we put up our first two support beams. Unfortunately we somehow got the beams uneven\unlevel, and ended up taking one down.

July 13, 2008 (Rosey, Dana and Pat)
Pat helped us to get our guide boards more level so that we can hopefully get the next support beam in place. He also helped us to put up the angle braces for our first support beam.

July 20, 2008 (Rosey, Dana and Pat)
After takinig a closer look at our tree we discovered many dead branches that if they fell, would potential crush the tree house. So rather then pick another tree, we decided to hire a tree trimmer to come in and remove the dead branches. This meant that we had to take down what we had arleady built and move everything away from the tree. Which is what we did.

July 21, 2008 (Hoadely Brothers, Rosey and Carl)
The Hoadley Brothers Tree Service came and removed all the dead branches from the tree. They were contracted to just drop the dead wood and we would clean up the debris. During the rest of the week, Rosey and her father removed most of the debris

July 26, 2008 (Rosey and Dana)
We removed the rest of the debris and cleared the area of little trees and roots that were sticking up out of the ground. Then we hauled up the scaffolding and setup it up and then put back our first floor support. It was getting hot so we went back to the house and drew up plans for how we were going to construct the floor.

August 3, 2008 (Rosey, Dana and Pat)
Today we put the angle supports on the first floor support and leveled it with shims. Then we setup our cross guides so that the tree house would be level between the two trees. After that we put on another floor support and its angle supports. Rosey did most of the drilling and measuring, and ratcheting on the lag screws.

August 17, 2008 (Rosey, Dana and Pat)
Today we completed the third floor support them moved the scaffolding around to the other side of the tree. There was a branch from the small tree next to the big tree that was in our way so Pat cut it off. After that we managed to get half of the fourth floor support completed before lunch. During lunch we talked about the design for the roof and what we might use for wall covering.

August 19, 2008 (Rosey and Dana)
Went to Glenn and Maggie Fernandes's house to pickup the wood they donated to us, from the renovations they are doing to their deck. Many thanks Maggie and Glenn!

August 20-23, 2008 (Rosey and Carl)
Worked on pulling nails out of the wood donated by Maggie and Glenn.

August 24, 2008 (Rosey, Dana and Pat)
Today we finished putting the cross supports on the last support beam. Then we figured out how many joist we would need to build the floor for the inside part of the tree house. Then we assesed the wood that we have and figured out what we would need to purchase or find.

September 1, 2008 (Rosey, Dana and Pat)
The tree house is realy starting to take some shape now. Today we attached 8 of the 10 floor joist with hangers and screws. During lunch we thought about what wood we would use for the floor boards and talked about methods on removing the nails from the boards we have.

September 8, 2008 (Rosey and Dana)
Spent about an hour today, cutting and removing the nails from some of the donated wood.

September 21, 2008 (Rosey, Dana and Pat)
Went to Home Depot for some supplies then at the treehouse we placed the last two floor joists and made the cut out for the trap door.

October 5, 2008 (Rosey, Dana and Pat)
Today we put a board on the end of the floor joist to tie them all together. While Rosey and Dana started laying the floor down, Pat took the saws all and finished de-nailing the boards we are using for the floor. We Managed to get 5 boards screwed down before we ran out of screws.

October 13, 2008 (Rosey and Dana)
Today we continued putting on the floor for the inside of the tree house. The boards we are using are not exactly straight and are a little warped so we had a tough time arranging the boards so that there was as little of a gap as possible. None the less it was a good day as we got 12 more rows of floor boards on!

October 15, 2008 (Rosey, Dana and Pat)
We started working on the joists for the deck today. We have a bunch of 2x6's that came from various places, some in better shape then others. We pulled the nails out, and then chose the 7 best that would be used for the deck and carried them up to the treehouse. While pat cut them to length, Rose and Dana continued cutting and pulling nails out of some of the other boards. Once Pat was ready, Rose helped him mount the end board and then we put the last 5 long joists in place and secured them at one end. Rose climbed up the latter to secure one of the outer joists (see pictures). That was all the time we had for today, so on our next outing we will finish anchoring the joists for the deck.

November 9, 2008 (Rosey, Dana and Pat)
Today we finished securing the joist for the deck. There were two short pieces left to put on which Pat did, While Dana and Rosey worked on securing the other boards. Finaly it is safe to walk to either end of the treehouse! Our next task is to finish laying the floor boards.

November 28, 2008 (Rosey and Dana)
Spent a half hour today hauling the floor boards up to the treehouse. Then we layed them out so we could see if we needed more... and we have plenty!

November 29, 2008 (Rosey and Dana)
Today we put 10 rows of floor boards on the tree house. We cut around the trap door and also cut off all the boards hanging over the ends.

December 26, 2008 (Rosey and Dana)
It was a balmy 42 degrees today.. just warm enough to work on the tree house. We managed to put 7 rows of floor boards on the deck part of the tree house. We are hoping for another nice weather day tomorrow so that we can finish the floor and maybe make the trap door.

December 29, 2008 (Rosey and Dana)
Another beautiful day.. around 50 degrees. Today we finished the final 7 rows of boards for the floor. Lots of cutting-in around the trees. Also we made the trap door but have not yet put the hinges and handles on (because Dana forgot to bring them). Oh well. But the floor is finaly done! Woo whoo!

March 8, 2009 (Rosey and Dana)
Today we put the hinges and handles on the trap door, checked out the windows to see how many we had, and figured out where we thought we might place them in the tree house. Also measured what will be the inside area so that we could determine approximately how many studs we would need. Then we rounded up all the 2x4's we could find around the barn and brought them back to Rosey's house.

March 15, 2009 (Rosey and Dana)
Our adventure today started with a trip to the hardware store to pickup more screws and bolts. Then we had some fun trying to get the electric chords to work so that we could use the power saw at the tree house. Getting the boards attached to the joist on the tree house was a bit of a challenge but we perservered and prevailed. With all our trips back and for to the tree house, we did finaly manage to build the ladder. Now that will be one less thing to carry to the tree house every time we want to be in it. Next up window frames then walls. Woo Who!

Due to Weather, and Dana's back problem, and Roseys' work schedule we didn't get much done in the month of April. However it was good thing as during that time Uncle Rick found some scrap 2x4's left over from a few of the jobs he was working on. So now we probably have just enough framing material to do the walls.

May 3, 2009 (Rosey and Dana)
Today we pulled nails from the 2x4's we got from the barn and started pulling nails from the boards we got from Doreen and Tims \ Aunt Dot's garage. We then went up to the tree house and figured out how many studs we would need for the first wall, and talked about where the door and window would go, etc...

May 11, 2009 (Rosey and Dana)
Today we took inventory of the 2x4's we had, then picked a few out, cut them to size for the first wall and hauled them up to the tree house.

May 17, 2009 (Rosey and Dana)
Accomplished two things today; We finished pulling the nails out of all the old floor boards (from Doreen and Tims \ Aunt Dot's garage) and we put the first wall frame together up at the tree house.

May 25, 2009 (Rosey and Dana)
Today we started putting the siding on the first wall. For the smaller wall next to the door, we used some of the left over deck board remenants and for the larger part of the wall we used the old floor boards that we pulled the nails out of last week. Our next plan is to frame out the window that will go in this wall and then finish putting the sideing on.

May 31, 2009 (Rosey and Dana)
Today we finished putting the siding on the first wall. Then we figured out where the windows will go for the back wall, and how many studs we would need for the wall. We then cut all the studs and cross boards for the next wall. Later in the day we went to Home Depot and bought some more hardware that we plan to use to fasten the first wall to the tree.

June 13, 2009 (Rosey and Dana)
Our goal for today was to put up the first wall. When we tried to pick up the wall it was too heavy, so we used two 3 foot scrap pieces of wood as levers to first slide the wall to where it was supposed to go, then used the levers to get the wall standing up. Once the wall was standing we were greeted by a large spider who was clinging to the inside of the wall. Rosey took a picture of it then we chased it off the tree house. (see pictures) Then we leveled the wall and attached it to the tree using two L brackets. Then we screwed the wall to the floor.

June 28, 2009 (Rosey and Dana)
Well summer is finaly here and while it is hot in the sun, it is fairly cool in the woods at the tree house. Today we carried all the wood up to the tree house for the second wall and then assembled it. After lunch we went to the barn and got the boards we will be using for the siding. We also organized all the wood we have been collecting in the barn at Rosey's house. A very productive day indeed.

July 3, 2009 (Rosey and Dana)
We started the day by putting L brackets under the windows sills to hold them in place, then we put the siding on the 2nd wall. Dana cut and fitted the boards, and Rosey drilled pilot holes and then screwed the boards to the frame. We had a nice production line going and managed to get the whole wall done before lunch. Rosey tried her hand at using the jigsaw and cut two of the boards and did an excellent job for being the first time using the saw.

July 17, 2009 (Rosey, Dana, Pat)
Pat came up to the tree house today and helped us move the 2nd wall around the little tree. He also assisted in cutting out the windows. Rosey and Dana put two handles at the trap door so that when you climb up the ladder you have something to hold on to, to pull yourself up into the tree house. Then Dana and Rose figured out how many studs would be needed for the final 2 walls, then measured and cut them so they are ready to be assembled.

July 19, 2009 (Rosey and Dana)
Today we assembled the frames for the last two walls. Thats it, thats all we did. And that was enough.

August 15, 2009 (Rosey and Dana)
A very exciting accomplishement today. This morning we finished putting the last stud on the one wall and window sills on the last two walls, then we put all four walls together. We now have an enclosed room. Woo Whoo!
With all the rain, the wood on the floor and trap door has swelled a little bit and when you are up in the treehouse and close the trap door it is very hard to open it again... so we left a crow bar up in the treehouse so that we won't get trapped. We will put this on our list of things to fix in our spare time.. :-)

August 16, 2009 (Rosey and Dana)
Today we put the "tying in" 2x4's around the top of the four walls and then went to the barn and got the wood we plan to use for the siding for the last two walls.

August 23, 2009 (Rosey and Dana)
Started working on the siding for the third wall. Got a litte over half done. Rosey is getting very good with the Jigsaw. She made one of the cut outs for one of the windows one the third wall.

August 27, 2009 (Rosey and Dana)
Finished putting on the siding on the third wall and got a little over 2/3 of the fourth wall done. Denise (Mom) and Hannah (sister) came up to the tree house to see our progress. We would have finished the wall but it was getting to dark to see and we had not had dinner yet and were getting pretty hungry.

August 30, 2009 (Rosey and Dana)
Put the last bit of siding on the last wall, fixed the one window sill by putting angle brakets underneath, took all the little scrap pieces of wood back to the barn, and setup the saw horses in a more level location and spread out some of the wood to dry as it was getting wet stacked up in the woods. Later in the day Uncle Rick came by and we talked about what kind of roof to put on and what materials we needed and what finishing touches we needed to do to the tree house before putting on the roof. Uncle Rick suggested that we put one more 2X4 on the one wall, and put angle braces under the corners of the tree house. We scheduled to do that next weekend.

September 4, 2009 (Rosey, and Carl (Dad)
Uncle Rick called and said he found some 2x6's we could use for the roof so Carl and Rosey went and got them. Uncle rick also made two patterns for the rafters so that we can get the 2x6's cut and ready for assembly.

September 5, 2009 (Rosey, Dana and Pat)
Pat came up to the treehouse today and helped us figure out the angle braces. We managed to get them cut, and fitted but not yet attached.

September 6, 2009 (Rosey, Dana and Pat)
Pat continued to work on the angle braces while Rose and Dana cut all the rafters for the roof and hauled them up to the tree house.

November 26, 2009 (Rosey, Uncle Rick, Dana and Pat)
Today we started to assemble the roof. Uncle Rick ran the air hose from the barn all the way up to the tree house so that we could use the nail gun. Pat and Uncle Rick did most of the assembly while Rose and Dana handed up wood and tools. Rosey got to use the air gun on one of the gable ends. In a couple hours, we had the framing mostly complete.

November 28, 2009 (Rosey, Uncle Rick, Dana and Pat)
We started today around 10:30am. Pat and Uncle Rick climbed up on the roof frame and measured boards for the gable ends, Dana cut them, and Rosey kept busy handing up wood and tools. While Pat and Uncle Rick where finishing up the trimming, Hannah came up to the tree house and we recruited her to help carry up the OSB roof sheeting. Hannah then went to go get us lunch. After lunch Carl carried a few of the OSB roof sheeting up to the treehouse then lifted them up through the window to Pat. By the end of the day we had the Gable ends, OSB roof sheeting, Facia board, and trimming complete.

November 29, 2009 (Rosey, Uncle Rick, Dana and Pat)
Dana and Pat arrived at Roseys around 8:30 with the shingles and drip edge. Uncle Rick had already hooked up the air line and was carrying the rest of the tools up to the tree house. Uncle Rick had also hooked up his trailer to the 4 wheeler and made a bridge across the creek bed for the trailer to get across. We loaded up the trailer with the shingles and then took them up to the tree house. Uncle Rick and Pat started putting the Drip edge and tar paper on the roof while Dana and Rose lifted the shingles up into the treehouse. Then Rosey and Dana cleaned up all the left over wood that had been left at the treehouse and put it in the trailer to be returned to the barn. When it was time to start the shingles Rosey got up on the roof and handed Rick the shingles as he put them in place. Once he got a way from the edge, Rose got a turn to use the nail gun and put on some shingles. Hannah and Andrew came by to see our progress. Around 11:00 everyone was hungry so we went down to the house and had cinnamon buns made my Aunt Jill. After our snack, Rose had to leave, but Rick, Pat and Dana finished up the roof and cleaned up. FINALLY THE ROOF IS FINISHED! WOOO! WHOOO!

December 5, 2009 (Rosey, Dana, and Uncle Rick,)
Today we decided to start working on the railing for the deck. Unfortunately we ran into a few snags, and then it started snowing. It got to slippery to be on the deck so we decided that we would make and install the door going from the tree house to the deck instead. Rosey and Dana measured the door way and decided that they would make a dutch door. Just as we were getting started cutting the wood to size, Uncle Rick happened by and offered to help. So we took all the wood we needed up to his workshop, and had the doors made in no time at all. Then Rosey and Dana took them up to the tree house, installed the hinges and locks, then installed the door. It had really started snowing by this time, and we got a nice picture of the tree house in the snow with the new door.

January 16, 2010 (Rosey and Dana)
Finaly a warm day! We're having a heat wave with temperatures in the 40's. Perfect weather for building tree houses. Today we managed to get all 7 posts installed around the deck for the railing, and assembled and installed the front part of the railing. Dana and Rosey took turns climbing up the ladder installing the posts and handing each other tools, and then worked as a team putting the railing together, with one drilling pilot holes and lining up the boards, and the other following with the screws.

March 21, 2010 (Rosey and Dana)
February and March proved to be one of the snowiest winters on record.. not good weather for working in the tree house... but today the snow is mostly melted and it is a warm sunny day. Today we build the last railing and then hooked all three together on the deck. Then we cut the top railing parts to the proper length and cut the cutouts to go around the posts and then secured them to the railing.. The deck is now complete!

April 2, 2010 (Rosey and Dana)
today we put the last pieces of trim around the outside of the tree house. This required a lot of measuring and cutting out slots so the boards would fit up between the roof rafters. Hopefully this will keep out any squirrels and raccoons.

April 3, 2010 (Rosey and Dana)
Today we loaded up a little over half of the left over wood we had stock piled for the treehouse and then unloaded it at the barn. The we loaded up all the windows and took them to Dana's house where we cleaned two of them so they are ready to be attached to the tree house.

April 24, 2010 (Rosey, Pat and Dana)
We cleaned another window today, but we found the window glazing was cracking and loose, so we cleaned off all the loose glazing and applied new glazing. Then we added the trim to that window. Then we decided to take the two windows we cleaned early and install them in the tree house.

April 25, 2010 (Rosey, Pat and Dana)
Two of the windows we had received from Dana's neighbor had broken pains, so we removed the broken glass, cleaned off all the old glazing, got new glass, installed it, put on the new glazing then add the trim to windows. That leaves us one more window to put trim on, and three to clean before we are ready to install.

May 1, 2010 (Rosey, Pat and Dana)
This morning Dana finished cleaning the windows, and then Pat helped to finish the trim on the last window. After lunch we picked up Rosey and took the four windows over to the tree house and installed them. Last thing to do is finish the trim inside around the windows, and make and install the front window.

May 1, 2010 (Rosey and Dana and Pat)
Rosey, Dana and Pat measured and cut the wood for the inside trim for the windows. Then Rosey and Dana went over to the tree house and installed the trim. After lunch Dana and Rosey made the little door for the last Window then went over to the tree house and installed it. We then picked up all the little pieces of wood in the tree house, swept the floor, then moved most of the left over wood back over to the barn.
Can you believe it? Construction is Done! Woo Whoo!